The history of Grafton-Fraser Inc.
As the leading Canadian retailor of men's apparel, Grafton-Fraser Inc. operates through its retail chains; Tip Top Tailors , George Richards Big & Tall, Mr. Big and Tall, and Kingsport Big and Tall Clothiers.

Taking its strength from over a century of heritage, today Grafton-Fraser remains committed to the retail clothing industry by responding to the ever-changing demands of the market.

The earliest beginnings of Grafton-Fraser Inc. can be traced back to 1853 and Janes Beatty Grafton. By 1889 the Company was ready to begin expanding. On July 19, 1967, Grafton purchased the net retail assets of Jack Fraser Stores Limited, and the name of the newly enlarged corporation became Grafton-Fraser Limited.
Jack Fraser Stores was founded in 1926. By 1967, Jack Fraser Stores were represented from coast to coast in principle shopping centers across Canada.

The next major acquisition occurred in 1977 with the purchase of George Richards King size Clothes Limited, Canada's largest chain of specialty apparel stores for big and tall men.

The Company divested itself of all non-core activities and all non-Canadian enterprises, most of which had been acquired or launched during the 1970's and 1980's. It also gained a new controlling shareholder, Cadillac Fairview Corporation, the developer and a new President and CEO, Glenn Stonehouse.

Just two years later, Glenn Stonehouse engineered a levered buyout of the Company from Cadillac Fairview. The chain was repositioned slightly to accommodate Mr. Big and Tall. Together with the George Richards Big and Tall stores, Grafton-Fraser Inc. now had a corner on the new growth specialty market of big and tall apparel.

The year 2000 saw the largest acquisition of all. Grafton-Fraser Inc. bought the Tip Top Tailors chain from Dylex Ltd. in July of that year. Overnight, the size of the Company doubled to over 200 stores.

In 2005, following its own example set in the early 1990's, Grafton-Fraser once again reorganized, by integrating its Jack Fraser locations under the Tip Top Tailors banner. Taking the winning formula from each division, the new Tip Top Tailors is well positioned in all major centers throughout Canada.

One year later, Glenn Stonehouse, former Chairman & CEO of Grafton-Fraser Inc. reached an agreement with GB Merchant Partners (a private equity firm).

With a proud tradition, dynamic presence, and a promising future, Grafton-Fraser Inc. is guided by the philosophy endowed by its founders. Today the GFI organization is comprised of 4 menswear divisions across Canada;

Tip Top Tailors: 102 locations
George Richards Big and Tall: 39 locations
Mr. Big and Tall: 22 locations
Kingsport Big and Tall Clothier: 1 location
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